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We Welcome You To  Greater Emanuel Temple (G.E.T).  We pray that your spirit will be renewed, refreshed and revived as you enter into the sanctuary with praise and thanksgiving. We pray that the yoke destroying anointing of the Holy Spirit will rest upon you and your family so the divine will and purpose of Jesus Christ will be manifested in your lives.




Through the providence of God, Pastor Carolyn Webb’s employer relocated her to a new position located in Holmdel, N.J.  She left the comfort and security of her home, church and friends of numerous years to go to speculative territory where she knew not family or friends.  This action came at an opportune time to further nurture and prepare her to fulfill her destiny which was ordained by God. 

Pastor Webb went to many places seeking an appropriate place to hold services.  These places included the First Aide Building, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Russian Hall to name a few, only to be turned down and turned away.  The search for land or a church covered Howell, Freehold and the surrounding areas. Ironically, she came upon a little white church near the fork of the road in Howell whose number was “401”.  After inquiring about the building she was turned down.  Shortly thereafter, Pastor Webb was directed by a co-worker to the Deacons Union on West Farms Road in Farmingdale, N.J.  It was here that it all began.

On a chilly Saturday afternoon on October 22, 1986 about 3:00 p.m. Pastor Carolyn Webb called her first service to order.  Thus, the Greater Emanuel Temple Church was opened with her limited flock and a few friends,  Her first message she preached was “Can Any Good Thing Come Out Of Nazareth”.  Subsequent messages were “The Valley Baca” and “God Has A Hammer In His Hand”.
Her first outreach service was supported by her friends, Pastor Brian Lucas, Evangelist Tillie Ricks, Jean Gilbert, Mother Wiley, Pastors Mary and Moses Smith and Pastor Prince along with his church and his outreach team.  Her first major service was supported by her best friend of many years, Evangelist E. Lorraine Langham and her Pastor, District Elder Henry W. Seemore of Brockton, Massachusetts.
During the 3 ½ years on West Farms Road at the point of her discouragement, God would send in someone just to keep her encouraged.  Elder Joseph Scot would come to preach as if there were a thousand people.

Finally, it was time to move.  After much deliberation, On August 2, 1986, Pastor Webb took a faith walk, stepped out on extreme faith to purchase a church.  Pastor Webb, Deacon Webb and Mother Mamie Churchwell traveled that day to Manasquan, N.J
They listened tentatively as their lawyer informed the owners that Pastor Webb was shy $11,000.00 for the closing, but she would have it on that following Monday.  It was agreed upon and the closing took place with that stipulation.  After the signing of all the papers,  without reservation, Pastor Webb asked “May I have the key”?  They all looked at her in awe and responded, “No, you cannot have the key”.  As they left the building without the key, Mother Churchwell began to ponder the impossibility of getting the money over the course of the weekend.  While riding in the car, Pastor Webb said “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth  me.  Well, God made a way for her to deliver the $11,000.00 check on that Monday, August 5, 1986 and she received the key to 401 Drummond Ave. Neptune N.J. 
We purchased a blue van to pick up the Sunday School Students.  God gave us a “brown piano” which Pastor Webb played, then sang before she preached.  Our first choir was a mixture of all ages under the direction of her niece, Sis. Lynn Lewis ( Now Pastor Dr. Fondrea Lynn Lewis Of Greater Glory Church).  Pastor would often go into the community and evangelize and minister with Elder Sheryl Orr on Lake Ave and the surrounding areas. Bars were shut down in the area due to the prayers of the righteous.

God began to add to the ministry and in walked Minister Timothy Savage, our organist! The Christian Institute of Divinity Studies was established, etiquette classes for the youth, vacation bible school (VBS) and the food distribution Share program during the early years of ministry. 
Greater Emanuel Temple survived two fires while at 401 Drummond Ave.  Pastor Webb did not let that stop her.  She continued the ministry at the local Boys Club and St. Peter Claver’s Youth Center.   She became the General Contractor and was able to rebuild the temple.  We entered our beautiful sanctuary of royal purple cushioned pews and carpet, glass chandeliers, mirrors, royal pulpit furniture and gold lettering which reads “And Shall  Call His Name Emmanuel, Isaiah 7:14”.

Promotion and elevation cometh from the Lord.  Pastor Webb was elevated by God to the higher calling of “Bishop” during her 30 ½ years of ministry at the Greater Emanuel Temple Church.  She was also the “Presiding Prelate” of the New Dimensions World Wide Ministries Inc.  She continued to carry on the work assigned to her hands, spreading the gospel and building up the Kingdom of God.

Bishop Carolyn A. Webb made her transistion to glory on May 15, 2014.  Her legacy will live on in the lives and hearts of all she touched and ministered to.  On July 12, 2014 Elder Gwendolyn Priester was installed and is the  Senior Pastor of Greater Emanuel Temple.